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PUL vs OSK Dream11 Match Prediction, possible lineup, Fantasy Football Tips,

PUL vs OSK Dream11 Match Prediction

PUL vs OSK dream11 For today’s match prediction We have the dream11 teams Shimizu S-Pulse (PUL) and Gamba Osaka (OSK) for today’s football match prediction in the Japanese J1 League – 2021. Today’s football match prediction is for Gamba Osaka’s dream11 team (OSK). OSK currently sits in thirteenth place in the league standings, with 26 points. OSK has played a total of 23 matches, winning 7 of them, tying 5 of them, and losing 11 of them. They have 17 goals for the OSK squad and 23 goals against the team. On August 9th, they played a match against Tokushima Vortis, a fantasy football team, in which OSK scored one goal.

The opponent team managed to score two goals, resulting in a loss for the OSK squad. Prior to this defeat, they faced Yokohama F.Marinos in a fantasy football match on August 6th, which the OSK-team defeated by a score of 2-3 goals. In the previous five games, the OSK squad has gone L L W W W. Unlike their previous encounters, the OSK-team must maintain their winning streaks in the next matches in order to climb the Japanese J1 League-2021 league rankings.

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PUL vs OSK Dream11 Match Details

  • Date: 13 Aug 2021
  • Time: 03:30 PM
  • Series- Japanese League

Today’s football match prediction, on the other hand, will be for the dream squad Shimizu S-Pulse (PUL) in the Japanese J1 League – 2021. PUL is currently in fifteenth place in the league rankings, with 24 points on the board. PUL has played a total of 23 matches, winning 5 of them, tying 9 of them, and losing 9 of them. They have 24 goals for the PUL team and 32 goals against them. They played against Yokohama F.Marinos in a previous encounter on August 9th, in which both teams managed to score two goals in each of their accounts, resulting in a draw for both dream clubs.

Prior to this match, they faced the dream11 team Kawasaki Frontale on July 17th, in which PUL managed to score zero goals while the opponent side managed to score two, resulting in a loss for the PUL-team. Their previous five matches have gone D W D W D. In order to advance in the Japanese J1 League – 2021 league rankings, PUL-team should keep up their victory streaks in the next games, just like they did in their previous encounters. Let’s see who comes out on top in today’s fantasy football game prediction.

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PUL vs OSK Possible Starting Line-up

Shimizu S-Pulse

  • Teruki Hara
  • Yohei Nishibe
  • Shuichi Gonda
  • Carlos Alberto-Jr
  • Ryo Takeuchi
  • Junior Dutra
  • Katsuhiro Nakayama
  • Riyo Kawamoto
  • Valdo
  • Shuichi Gonda
  • Thiago Santana

Gamba Osaka

  • Yosuke Ideguchi
  • Takashi Usami
  • Dai Tsukamoto
  • Kazunari Ichimi
  • Patric
  • Tiago Alves
  • Shuhei Kawasaki
  • Leandro Pereira
  • Wellington Silva
  • Haruto Shirai
  • Shu Kurata

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Live score/Where to watch

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Dream11 Key Player

  • Haruto Shirai
  • Shu Kurata
  • Shuichi Gonda
  • Thiago Santana

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Dream11 Team

(Note: This is not the Final team If any Change in Line-up then the Final team will be provided in my telegram Channel)

pul vs osk dream11 team

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