Dream11 Football Tips and Tricks For Beginners

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Dream11 Football tips and Tricks will help you to win easily in fantasy football

Dream11 has been a revolution in the country. The craze of fantasy sports that came with the game is immense but over 80% of the craze was initially to the game of cricket and which is ok considering the dominance of game popularity in the country. But what will be the scenario if somehow you know the Dream11 Football Predictions & Tips?

Well, you don’t have to worry because we fantasydreamer are here to help you with anything that will make you a smarter Dream11 player. So follow the upcoming tricks, make your mind stand out from that usual crowd, and make your mark by becoming a rich Dream11 player. Following are some special Dream11 Football Teams Prediction even for a beginner.

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How to Make Dream11 Football Team

First, you have to understand how to make the football team. Here I am giving some basics of how to make a football dream11 team.

  • There are 11 players in a Fantasy Football Team
  • You can Choose max 7 players from a team
  • There is 1 Goalkeeper, 3-5 Defenders, 3-5 Mid-Fielders, 1-3 Strikers/Forwarder
  • You have to choose one Captain (2x point), one Vice-Captain (1.5x Points)

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Here are some Tips and Tricks to win a Football match in Dream11

1. You have to check which teams are going to play:

If, you always check Playing teams before making Dream11 Football Teams. You covered one step in winning that match. in Football there is 90% chance of a strong team to win the match.

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2. Check teams H2H records

Checking Head 2 head records will help you determine which team is going to win the match. Thus, make team in favor of the winnings team

3. Checking Odds

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By Checking Odds will help you determine what people are predicting about the match

  • The odd of 2nd team in less than 1st team. which means 2nd team is going to win this match ( Peoples Predictions)
  • Odd for X (means match Draw) is more than 1.50 which means the match is not going to draw.
  • Odd for 1st team are 4.00. This indicates that 1st team is going to lose as odd is less for 2nd team

4. Looking at the recent form of all Players and Both Teams

Looking recent form of all playing players and Teams will benefit and help you in winning in Fantasy Football. Always Check Team’s Recent form for more than 5-6 matches will help you to analyze which players are best for punt picks

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5. Choosing Punt/Risky Players Always

Don’t look in player ownership. Always try and take risk in1-2 Players which is not in a common/default Team.

6. Captain and Vice-Captain Picks

  • Always Select Forward Player as captain as the will going to goal 90% of times
  • You can make vice-captain to another striker/forwarder for safe pick, but I will suggest you make a Mid-Fielder or player having good recent form.
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7. Choosing Defender as Captain and vice-captain

One of the most unused tricks which fantasy football players don’t know about is making Captain and Vice-Captain to a Defender. As We all know that in Football match there is a high chance of match draw, In that case making Defender as Captain or Vice-captain will give a boost to your dream11 Points

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