Dream11 Football Tips & Tricks

Tricks to ace the Dream11 Football games

Dream11 has been a revolution in the country. The craze of fantasy sports that came with the game is immense but over 80% of the craze was initially to the game of cricket and which is ok considering the dominance of game popularity in the country. But what will be the scenario if somehow you know the Dream11 Football Predictions & Tips?

With the advent of fantasy sports and increasing competitiveness it is becoming harder day by day to win cricket fantasy as the number of players are increasing day by day. Thus, investing in football games appears to be an excellent football plan. But then what to do if you don’t have any knowledge in football?

Well, you don’t have to worry because we fantasydreamer are here to help you with anything that will make you smarter Dream11 player. So follow the upcoming tricks, make your mind to stand out from that usual crowd and make your mark by becoming a rich Dream11 player. Following are some special Dream11 Football Teams Prediction even for a beginner.

Learn the game

First out of all tips for Dream11 Football will be to know what is football about. You don’t need to be expert, even knowing the basic will help. There are 11 players a side with motive to put the common football in opposition net which is called a ‘goal’. The team with more number of goals win after 90 minutes of play. Thus the team has two purposes- Goal as much as you can and prevent the other side from netting goal. There are some other important terms like Stricker, Defender, Midfielder, Goalkeeper, Penalty, Freekick, Possession, Tackle, Passing. It is advised that you give a few minutes reading on this from google. You will learn quickly.

Now that you have learned the basics let’s proceed to how to make the Dream11 team to win big.

ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! Never play Football grand leagues unless you are feeling lucky, i mean atleast lucky like the man in the video

Grand leagues like we told in our Dream11 Tips( go to the tips page, if you haven’t read) are a pure lottery. Try to play a combination of small leagues we told you to play on our main tips page.

Tips about Knowing the Dream11 Football chances

The next important thing is to know what’s the chance of a player doing good. Knowledge about the game is the most important thing here. If you are following the game continuously then you will know which player has good form and which have bad. Because stats alone will not help, a player form constitutes atleast 60% in his chances to perform well.

But what if you have no such knowledge or don’t have an interest in the game? The answer is you don’t have to worry – Just go to Betwinner by clicking on the image below.

Betwinner Dream11 Football tips

Now what good betwinner is going to do when you don’t have knowledge. Betwinner have odds of almost everything that are going to happen in the game. Odds are nothing but measurement of chances of an event. You will find odds of almost everything- Who will score, who will win, Who will pass more, Who will do more foul,Which player will do most tackle and everything. Now what do you want when you have someone such big to give you the chances of every event in the game. Its an important Dream11 trick even for a beginner. That’s like an hack and its foolishness to not use it. The events with higher odds have lower chance of happening and greater the difference more less the chances are.

Team Formation tips

Now you have the chances of every event that’s going to happen, let’s go to Dream11 team formation.

First Know the chances of the match result.

90:10 chance ratio matches

If odds difference are more than 3-4 points like one team has odd of 1.1 and other of 8.4. Then the chances of one team winning are more than 90%. Such are the matches between a weak team and a very strong team.

Team Format – 7 players from Strong team and 4 players from weak team Forward – 2 players from strong team and 1 player from weak team, Midfielder– 2/3 players from strong team and 1/2 players from weak team, Defender– 3/4 players from strong team and 0/1 player from weak team, Goalkeeper– 1 player from weak team.

60:40 Chances matches

If odds difference are less than 3-4 points, then there is between 50-60% chances of winning of the team with less odds. Such as the match between two strong teams or two weaker teams.(You are suggested to not play the match if odds difference is less than 1 points. It will be highly risky game, so avoid that.)

Team Format– 6 players from strong team and 5 players from weak team. Forward– 2/1-2/1 players from both team, Midfielder– 3 players from strong team and 2 players from weak team, Defender– 2/3 players from strong team and 1 player from weak team. Goalkeeper– 1 player from weak team(if both teams have scored more than 7-7 goals in previous matches keep only 3 defenders).

Captain and Vice-Captain

Now these are about team selections, now what about Captain/Vice-captain because Captain/vice captain knowledge is one of the most important Dream11 Football tips you will want.

Choosing Captain

Captain in 90% chances should be a striker of winning team. Choose one with the most number of goals/assists. In some cases when you think that goals will be less like for teams with fewer goals, make midfielder your captain.

Choosing Vice-Captain

Vice-captain depends on the nature of teams if a weak team has a striker who has scored a good number of goals he can be your vice-captain as the chances of his scoring is high. Now if some team is playing fewer strikers then a good midfielder can be your vice-captain preferably from a strong team. There are some defenders who score good numbers of goal like Sergio Ramos, if a defender has scored in at least 3 games in last 5, you can take risk of making him your VC as you will get more points when a defender’s scores.

If you have any issue understanding this or you think you need guidance please join our telegram channel, we post there good teams and captain, vice-captain prediction along with tips for the match.

It is advised to go through the dream11 points system, then you can assume how much points you will make based on the chances known.

Dream11 is not only the game of luck, its the game of good strategy and knowledge. The power of you knowledge will definitely help you to stand out among all and be the real king of Dream11. The Dream11 football tips are presented by our fantasy Experts, stay connected, they will be coming with more and more tips soon. Keep playing!!! You will win surely!