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About Dream11 App How It works

Dream11 is a program that allows users to make up fictional teams. The catch is that users can earn money based on the performance of selected players on their teams during actual matches. Users receive monetary rewards for each good move made by the players. In addition, Dream11 allows its users to participate in sports such as 

  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Kabaddi
  • Fantasy Basketball
  • Fantasy Baseball
  • Fantasy Handball
  • Fantasy Hockey
  • Fantasy NFL

With an average of 8 crores+ users, Dream11 is one of India's largest sports gaming platforms. It's a fantastic opportunity for sports enthusiasts across the country to show off their expertise while also competing with other fans and we are one of the best dream11 prediction website which not only provide you match details but also we provide you after the toss team and all kinds of updates in our telegram channel.

How to create your own Fantasy team in Dream11 App

  1. Understanding the basics, 
  2. Every Dream11 Cricket and Football team must have 11 players, with a maximum of 7 players from any one team participating in the real-life match.
  3. You can Choose max 1-4 Wicketkeeper, 3-6 Batsman, 1-4 All-Rounder, 3-6 Bowler in the Fantasy Cricket team.
  4. You can take 1 Goal-Keeper, 3-5 Defenders, 3-5 Midfielders, 1-3 Forwarder/Stricker in your Fantasy Football team
  5. You can take 1-4 point-guard, 1-4 Shooting-guard, 1-4 Small Forward, 1-4 Power Forward, 1-4 center player in you Fantasy basketball team
  6. Captain and Vice-Captain Picks- The captain will award you 2x the points they earned during the game. The vice-captain will provide you 1.5 times the points they scored in the real contest.
  7. Joining the Paid Contest- You can try joining Real money League in Dream11 App by adding money in Dream11 Wallet.

Dream11 Tips and tricks For Fantasy Sports for Beginners

FantasyDreamer has one main aim to provide users a better and more fun experience while playing Fantasy Sports for any game. We Predict and provide you with a possible lineup, match preview, playing11, Players Details, team squad. Injury Updates, and all kinds of sports news, Thus, this makes us one of the best Website to help people in winning money by our Tip, Which is made by our experts for providing you Best Dream11 Winning tips.

Here are some Dream11 tips

  1. Understanding Point System:- First key and most important point are to learn the Dream11 Point System and how they give points on various events.
  2. Checking Player Performance Stats:- Less luck and more science are a successful mix. You'll need access to all of the tournament's pertinent information. Thankfully, Dream11 has a function that allows you to look out player data while putting together your squad. You can Check Our website for all player stats and performance on our telegram channel.
  3. Pitch Conditions:- Pitch data is essential for understanding both batting and bowling performances. Based on the venue and other pertinent information, we will give you the most accurate Pitch Report for each match.
  4. Ground Size and Average Score:- Knowing the ground size will help you to determine whether the pitch is in favor of batting or bowling. Once you know about ground Size, the Next step is to know the details of the average score scored by the team in the first innings and second innings. It will help you in Choosing Fantasy players wisely.
  5. Playing11:- We provide Playing11 updates in our telegram Channel, Update the team after viewing the starting XI. Also, make certain that all participants are participating.
  6. Playing selected matches:- Only play a selected match in which you know about the player and you can create a good team that will help you not to lose money blindly in a fantasy world. If you don’t know about any team, always do research or follow someone’s predictions like us.
  7. Captain and Vice-Captain Pick:- A great Fantasy team requires the correct approach for selecting a strong Captain and Vice-Captain in Dream11. For Fantasy Cricket teams, the captain and vice-captain are critical players. The captain receives double the points, making him the equivalent of your team's 12th player, while the Vice-captain receives 1.5X the points achieved.
  8. Never Invest all money in one game:- If you are putting all money in a single game there is a lot of chance to lose all money in just one game if any prediction goes wrong in any way. It's Better to be safe than sorry. So I will Strongly Recommend never Risk all money in one game.
  9. Try playing Multiple leagues:- Investing all money in a single contest may lead to losing all one if there is a strong opponent in that particular contest. It is better to divide your money and play multiple contests.

These are some Dream11 fantasy Tips that every Dream11 player must keep in mind before making Their Dream11 Team for today's match. According to my expert’s knowledge, these are the Dream11 best tips for Fantasy Sports.

Here are some Interesting Facts about Fantasy sports

  • You can create your own Dream team:- Imagine getting top in school with the highest marks. Fantasy Cricket isn't quite like achieving high grades, but the satisfaction of assembling your own team and leading them to success is unparalleled. When a teammate performs really well or your team wins a particularly difficult match, the enthusiasm is bound to make you leap out of your seat.
  • Play Whenever you like:- You may play Fantasy Cricket at any time because it is played online. Fantasy Cricket is there for you whether you have some free time after work or are searching for something to do on the weekend. You don't have to stand in line to watch a game or pay for drinks and appetizers at a sports bar to cheer for your team. All you have to do now is go home and relax in your favorite chair while watching a game.
  • Winning real Cash Money:- As if all we've just discussed wasn't enough, Fantasy Cricket also offers the chance to win rewards! Every day, amazing prizes are given out. Why don't you start assembling your first squad now? Who knows, maybe you'll be the lucky one!
  • You’ll learn more about various Sports:- You'll learn a lot about cricket while building your squad, swapping players around, and planning strategy during the competition. When you appreciate anything, you enjoy learning about the game's small intricacies, whether it's the strengths and weaknesses of various characters or unbelievable techniques that appear too wonderful to be true.

About Fantasy Dreamer

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At Fantasy Dreamer we help other new fantasy players to win easily and we help people to determine their mistakes which all-new fantasy players do in the beginning. We have an amazing team of writers and analysts with a minimum of 3 years of experience in fantasy sports. We assure our website is one of the best dream11 prediction website in the fantasy world.