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A World Cup Winning Cricketer Working As a Labourer!

Cricket is India’s most popular sport. In fact, it’s more than a sport; it’s an experience. Countless people
from all around the country are passionate fans of the sport.

For a long time, Indian fans have backed Team India. It’s no secret that cricket has transformed the lives
of people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

We’ve all heard stories about cricketers who went from rags to riches. Take Hardik Pandya, for example.
He’s come a long way from nowhere to playing cricket for India. There are other examples like this.

However, there have been a few instances where cricketers have lost their way in life.
Today, we’ll talk about a cricketer who is going through a lot of difficulties. Naresh Tumda is his name.
For the uninitiated, he is a blind cricketer who won the World Cup in 2018. When he was five years old,
he began playing. He was called up to the national squad after earning a spot in the Gujarat team in

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Naresh’s life plummeted from good status to hardships as he went from serving the country with pride
to laboring as a laborer in Gujarat. He was a member of the side that won the World Cup final by eight
wickets over Pakistan.

His destitution was exacerbated by the nationwide lockdown in 2020 due to the coronavirus. He
currently sells vegetables and works as a labourer in the Navsari area of Gujarat. For his work, Naresh
gets paid Rs 250 each day.

Naresh admitted that he had asked the state administration and Gujarat’s chief minister for a job on
several occasions. Unfortunately, he did not receive a response. He also assumed that meeting higher￾
ranking members of society, including the President, would transform his fortunes after the World Cup
victory, but nothing occurred.

Naresh has also sent job applications to the Prime Minister’s office but has yet to receive a response.
Several users have requested assistance after the news became widespread on the internet.

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