The question-How to become Dream11 expert?– must be in everyone’s mind whoever is a regular player of such fantasy sports. You all must wonder if somehow you came to know the secret- the tips for Dream11, the fortunes will turn, and how there will be no one but you.

But my friend let me break your heart. There’s nothing so called ‘Secret to win Dream11’. Only Knowledge, Analysis, Statistics, and experience is the key to ace the fantasy Sports game and thats the niche of every Dream11 tips you will recieve. But you don’t need to remain heartbroken, Experience is what we have and we are more than happy to present you the tips and tricks we have formed in the course of game playing.

What follows are the most important tips you need to keep in mind if you want to become the jack of the Dream11 trade.



Keshav Jha, fantasy team expert, fantasydreamer.in

When to play and when to stop?– These things you need to know first before starting and this is the most important out of all Dream11 tips that one can give you. Everyone has a tendency to cover loss immediately after making them. But is this the right way to play? No, the answer is. Immediately trying to cover loss results in faster decisions and less thinking. Whenever you think less before playing you can’t expect bet results. So what to do? should we leave losses where they are?

Yes, the answer is to leave them and figure out what went wrong that you lose? Note it down, note down the change in match result, and why it was unexpected. The condition of the match and the condition where the game changed. Now, think in the long run when you will have noted many instances of unexpected losses, how will you manage to make more correct decisions. Because you already know the different instances when things could go bad.

Also never think Dream11 as a primary income source. Think it as a game and apply the best possible strategy to win it. Losing a game will not seem much harder than if you think it as an earning.

only use 25% of the total deposit in one day and never use that 25% in one type of match, use it for multiple games. New lessons and passion along with consistency will make you the king of Dream11.


There’s big confusion on which type of league to join? The big leagues with Rs 25/- entry and INR 10,00,000 as winning or small leagues like H2H, 3 members, 4 members e.t.c.?

Before joining any league try to understand the statistics and risk associated with the leagues.

Generally, you have to choose 11 best players(for a cricket/football game) among 25 probable players( almost the playing 11 is fixed and even when it is not you can change the team after lineup announcement). So the probability of choosing the right players is 11/25. That means out of 25 similar players 11 are going to choose any specific player. That means when the number of contestants is higher there will be more players choosing a type of team and even if there are 10 teams better than you. There will be (10*80)= 800 teams better than you in the grand league and as the number of contestants falls, the number of teams better than you will fall but he investment increases.

So here’s the strategy

When you’re more than 80% confident that your team will result good then invest in a small league with a small investment and also in the grand league and if possible also in mini grand leagues. So that Even you lose the grand league, the small league winning recovers your loss.

When you’re 50-80% confident don’t invest in grand leagues because then it will be a lottery. Invest 50% in H2H, 30% in 3 teams, and 20% in 4 teams. Investing in all types will increase your winning chance and also reduces the risk of losing everything.

When you’re less than 50% confident. Invest a very small amount only to test your luck or gain experience. Never invest the amount which will hurt your pocket.

Now my friend you got the basic mindset for the gameplay. But knowing the games associated is also important along with knowing how to play.

Thus, gaining knowledges about every games and players is also important. But you can’t know about each and every players, that’s impossible. But you don’t have to worry!

We Team fantasy dreamer are here to help. As you know we come with pregame prediction and knowledge about every teams and players here and also on our telegram channel. You just have to join our channel where we will be providing free good winning teams along with pregame analysis.

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Don’t worry friends fantasy dreamer is here only for you. we have pledged to help each and every dream11 player and stop this fraud which is going in the area. Knowledge is power. Keep playing!!!!!!


Also, we’re coming with special cricket, football, basketball tricks. So stay updated and keep visiting fantasydreamer.in.


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